We make organic and natural wine, which is different from most wines made and marketed in the world.

Every operation, from harvesting the best bunches of grapes to bottling, is done by hand; we harvest in boxes only healthy grapes which have ripened properly.
We support a healthy and transparent oenology, avoiding corrections or special treatments which deform the natural features of the product.

This is why our wine, like once in the past, has different features every year: colour, proof, acidity and bouquet are influenced by the special character of the year, and not by human will.

These wines from organic agriculture have won awards on many guidebooks, including Vini d’Italia Gambero Rosso and Guida Oro Veronelli.

  • Gagio

  • Arialdo

  • Centouno

  • Foglia Tonda

  • Foglia Punta

  • Arialdo riserva

  • Foglia Tonda riserva

  • Foglia Punta riserva

  • Gagio Spumino